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Strysles with new lead vocalist Elena


(Photo: Assil Production for Mouv’Mantais (Skopje & Strumica, Macedonia)

We have been looking for a frontman/singer for the last few months while reworking some of our songs. There have been several people who were interested in that role, yet it didn’t really match – until we met Elena:

Rocker, adventurist, songwriter, composer, and a smiley person, Elena is installed in Luxembourg since very recently. Originate of Macedonia, Elena left her native country in 2001, to evolve in new horizons (i.e. more democratic and liberal), thus, from Switzerland (Lausanne), through France (Besançon, and then Paris), she landed in Luxembourg nowadays. She got a Journalist university diploma in Macedonia and studied European Business Law in France, in IT / IP field. Today, Elena is working as a legal counsel for a private Luxembourgish company specialized in the media audiovisual sector.

Ever since she’s a child, Elena sings, writes and composes songs, in parallel of her main activity. She’s 35, and has several achievements behind her, such as: songs released in Macedonia (among which the most successful “Dlaboka Bolka”), albums released independently in France (among which “Janis”), performing the main character in a fantastic rock comedy called “Le Cadeau”, etc.

Elena’s creativity is still and always at Rendezvous. We are very happy to welcome her to our world and work with her on our songs and compose some new ones.

Be prepared for the “new” Strysles :-)