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Strysles hit TopTen on iTunes

After our clip passed the 10.000 views mark on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, we are now proud to announce that our last single “Rock ‘n’ Roll” has reached rank 9 on iTunes in category Luxembourg/alternative and also entered the Top100 in category Luxembourg/all genres.We would like to thank you, our audience, for this and please keep on downloading, streaming and viewing.

Thank you Dudetown

We would like to thank everyone that came out to see us at yesterday’s Fête de la Musique in Dudelange. You have all been great and we really had a blast.

Special thanks also go out to John Rech and his whole team, you made it happen one more time.

You say goodbye and we, we say hello…

We are sorry to announce that our good friend Sacha on bass guitar has taken the decision to disembark the Strysles spaceship. He will be continuing his journey with our friends from Go By Brooks and we wish him all the best.

BUT we are also very proud and happy to welcome our new man on bass, the well known and almighty Mr Dan Thurmes. He will be taking care to bring the right grooves to our rhythm section. We are looking forward to hit the stage with him for the very first time on April 27th at Télévie Schifflange. Don’t miss it.

New single “Rock ’n’ Roll” out now!

At midnight, our new single “Rock ’n’ Roll has gone live everywhere. We are happy to release new music. Watch our DIY videoclip of the song and follow us on YouTube:

The song is part of our album “Power of Life” which will come out on October 27th. Join the release show on October 26th, 2018.

Check out our dedicated landing page for infos on how to buy the music and how to enter the contest to win a CD and/or a T-Shirt.

New single “Rock ’n’ Roll”: Teaser clip

We are in full preparations for our album release party on October 26th at Rockbox/Clausen. During the summer holidays we have also been busy preparing our new DIY videoclip of our upcoming single which is called “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. It will come out on September 21st, one month ahead of the album release to get everyone in the right mood. So here is a little teaser of the clip. Enjoy and check back in 2 weeks.

Rock um Knuedler 2018 Look Back

Rock um Knuedler last weekend was a blast. We had a lot of fun on the big main stage and were very satisfied with the tech support and sound guys.

This year again, no internationally known name, but more room for the local bands. More than 20 acts rocked this great festival whether on the main stage at the town hall or on the two side stages in the alleys and squares of the old town: “Rock um Knuedler” attracted thousands of music fans.

Here is a little video look back:


Strysles at Rock um Knuedler 2018, by Jang Gaspar Strysles at Rock um Knuedler 2018, by Jang Gaspar Strysles at Rock um Knuedler 2018, by Jang Gaspar Strysles at Rock um Knuedler 2018, by Jang Gaspar

Photos: Jang Gaspar / RTL

Strysles summergigs at Rock um Knuedler, Décke Gas and SPH Trier

Those of you who follow us on our social media channels may have got the news already and we are really looking forward to rock the big lion stage on this year’s well-known Rock um Knuedler. It is one of Luxembourg’s most important music festivals and we have the honour to open the big lion stage at 5 p.m. on 7th July. We will play a nice short set with our best-of songs (and maybe one new never-played-before-song ;) ).

There are also a lot of musicians friends playing after us and on other stages. Be sure to check out the timetable at the official Rock um Knuedler website.

Rock um Knuedler Banner 2018

But first – you can join us on coming sunday, 1st July for Décke Gas an der Gaass festival in Canach for a more cosy music festival and musicians’ meeting. Our playtime will be around 7 p.m.

Décke Gas an der Gaass

Last summer gig will be in Trier at Exhaus for the SPH Bandcontest. We won the first round last March, now on 28th July we will try to convince the jury and the people once again for the second round. So we need you to come and vote for us :-) [EDIT: We have also won the town finals to the next round, but we resigned from further participating in the contest.]

SPH Bandcontest Stadtfinale Trier

Let’s rock \m/

Save the Date: Strysles to release new album “Power of Life”

In April 2016 we released our first EP with 4 tracks called “Tic Tac”. Last year it was our funky-pop single “Break the Silence” and now – this October we are happy to present our next opus called “Power of Life”:

October 26th, 2018 at Rockbox/Clausen. Start: 20:30

We have been working for months on new songs and recordings for the new album and are excited to play the new songs on stage very soon.

Power of Life Album Release Flyer

2 guest bands will support us on that big day:

Fernanda Stange will open the stage with her acoustic guitar

Bye Bye Bay is the new project of Pierre Bihl, known from Luxembourgish band “Open Seas”.

Here’s the official FB-Event.

Meanwhile you can catch us playing at a few events like Décke Gas an der Gaass, the biiiiig Rock um Knuedler or unplugged at Oscar’s Bar in September. Check out our tourdates here.