Elena Kramdi-Drvosanova – Vocals
David Lemmer – Guitar
Marc Lanners – Guitar
Dan Thurmes – Bass
Steve Krippler – Drums

Former members:

Sacha Heck – Bass
Benedikt Kehl – Drums
Dan Mangiulli – Guitars

Strysles at Musicfest 2017

Photo: T. Queiroga Photographie

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That’s the Way the Strysles crumble

Around 2010, guitarist David Lemmer had the idea to start a new musical adventure after years of playing in cover bands, so he founded a new rock band with some friends who have been around in the music scene for a while; the sound influenced by his ­favourites like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Audioslave, Stereophonics, Alter Bridge just to name a few.

Strysle what?

And there they were sitting together, thinking about a name for the band. It happened that someone brought some “Streisel” to the rehearsal that day, those little pudding-stuffed pastries with a crumbly topping. Yeahhh there it was right in front of them. It’s just their orthographic deficiency that led to the unusual spelling.

2015: нов ветер

Strysles felt the need to renew in the beginning of 2015. What about a new voice? Not easy to find, but very soon, Mrs ­Elena Kramdi-Drvosanova stepped into the game. Originating from Mace­donia, rocker, adventurer, songwriter and humourous person, she reloca­ted to Luxembourg in 2015 and was looking for a new band after some nice projects and rather big success in Macedonia and Paris.

2016: Tic Tac, Tic Tac

After weeks and months of work and with a clear goal in mind, Strysles hit the studio in November 2015 to finally release their first official EP with 4 tracks called “Tic Tac“ on 23rd April 2016 at Café “Beim Hollänner” in Wickrange.

2017: Break the Silence

After a few concerts in 2016 to present “Tic Tac”, Dan Mangiulli left the band and was replaced by Marc Lanners on guitars. To mark this change, Strysles recorded the Funk-Pop single “Break the Silence” which aired on the radios. Later in 2017 they self-produced a video-clip with an unplugged version of the song for the “My Urban Piano” installations in Luxembourg City and won the 2nd prize given by the “Ville de Luxembourg”.

2018: New Album

After drummer Ben left the band end of 2017, he was replaced by Steve Krippler, a long time friend of David’s. The band writes several new songs to publish its first 8 track album in october. Besides the former single “Break the Silence” the album includes the new single “Rock ‘n’ Roll“.

2019: Another LineUp Change

In the beginning of this year our good friend Sacha announces that he will be no longer available to us and will be concentrating on his other band “Go By Brooks“. We were however very fortunate to find a replacement in the person of Dan Thurmes, well known for his contribution to many bands and projects in the past decades.