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Strysles happy to welcome Marc Lanners on guitar

Marc Lanners on guitarAfter Dan left the band, we had to find a replacement to hold the second six string in the band. We were looking for someone who would be as devoted to our music as we are and we had quite some candidates showing up at our castings. Finally we decided to ask Marc to join the “Strysles” adventure.

He has been around in the Luxembourgish music scene for a while now; as co-founding member of the 80s Pop-Rock band “Footsteps” he recorded two EPs including the hit single “Luxembourg I’m Coming Back“. Another well-known ensemble he played with was the Jazz Big Band “Opus 78” that permitted him to enlarge his musical skills beyond Rock’n’Roll. After a period of silence he appeared again some years ago as a member of the local cover band “Wazabi and Me” that disbanded unfortunately after 3 years.

Now he is ready to jump onto the “Strysles” train and rock the Grand Duchy again. We are looking forward to the next concert season in 2017, first gigs are already in the making.

Rock on \m/

WANTED: New guitar player


Strysles is currently looking for a new guitar player as Dan has left the band unfortunately.

So if you:

  • are a guitar player
  • are eager to get a little creative and to compose new songs with us
  • live in Luxembourg
  • maybe can sing background vocals
  • like good modern rock music

Then contact us immediately here or via our Facebook Page \m/

Strysles on TV

Well, that was so exciting! Last week, we’ve been invited to the show “Live! Planet People” on RTL Television. For that special appearance, we played an acoustic version of our song “Tic Tac”:

If you want to watch the whole show including the entire interview with Elena and Sacha, click here.

CD Release Aftermovie

We’ve uploaded “The Aftermovie” with some impressions of our CD Release to our YouTube channel:

Release party flashback / Next gigs / Bandcamp

Release party flashback

Wow, we had a fantastic EP release party on 23rd April. Thank you everyone for celebrating this exciting moment with us :-) We are currently checking out the recordings and video from that evening so that we can publish some excerpts in the near future. Ah yeah – and now we can also reveal who our surprise guest was, tadaaaaa: Mr. Cyberpiper!! Haha, this was so awesome! \m/


Next gigs

As you can imagine, we’re more than happy to finally be on stage and play music after nearly a year of preparations in the rehearsal room. So here are our next concert dates. Perhaps we will add one or two more, we’ll see.


4 June 2016: Nuit du Sport / Schifflange

17 June 2016: Fête de la Musique / Esch-sur-Alzette

18 June 2016: Fête de la Musique / Dudelange

15 July 2016: Café Why Not / Dudelange

We will publish further upcoming concert dates on our show-page and of course on our social media profiles. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here to get notified.


We have also added one more possibility for you to buy our music without having a login for iTunes, GoogleMusic or whatever. You can simply pay via Paypal or with your creditcard. And you can even pay more if you think that the music is worth it :-) DRM-free MP3s or even lossless FLAC are available on Bandcamp. Check out our profile on bandcamp here.

Tic Tac – Strysles in the media

During the last few weeks, we have been very busy preparing our release party next saturday. We are looking forward to the show and are really totally excited to play our new programme.

Here is a little roundup of our activities in the media lately. Click on the images to read the article:





Article on Vacarm


Article Revue (click to zoom)


Interview on RTL

To listen to the interview, click here.



or listen to it on our Soundcloud:

Interview on Radio 100,7

Click here to listen to the interview (around 36:18)

 sacha_100komma7 elena_100komma7

Article on

N.B.: Strumica is Elena’s birthtown in Macedonia :)


Article on


Articles on




to be continued …

Strysles “Tic Tac” Teaser

23rd April will be the big day for us. We can’t wait to play our new set for you and to release our brandnew CD. Meanwhile, here is a little video-teaser:

Tic Tac EP: Preview

Our upcoming EP is currently in the production plant in its final stage. So we will get the CDs very soon, in 2 or 3 weeks *excited* :-) Meanwhile we would like to give you a little preview of what we have been working on the last months and what you can expect from our release party on 23rd April. The EP will be digitally available worldwide from 23rd April 2016 (and physically at our concerts, at first). And now happy listening:

Strysles EP Release


We are very happy and excited to announce the date of our EP Release Party. We are working hard to get the CDs ready. Join us on:

23rd April 2016
at Café “Beim Hollänner” / Wickrange
Start: 21:00

Filthy Broke Billionaires will support us and play the first part. Check them out! They have also released their EP on 15th January at Rockhal.

And: The 1st barrel of beer is on us!! :-)

Entry is 5 € (or 10 € for Entry + EP)

Strysles with new lead vocalist Elena


(Photo: Assil Production for Mouv’Mantais (Skopje & Strumica, Macedonia)

We have been looking for a frontman/singer for the last few months while reworking some of our songs. There have been several people who were interested in that role, yet it didn’t really match – until we met Elena:

Rocker, adventurist, songwriter, composer, and a smiley person, Elena is installed in Luxembourg since very recently. Originate of Macedonia, Elena left her native country in 2001, to evolve in new horizons (i.e. more democratic and liberal), thus, from Switzerland (Lausanne), through France (Besançon, and then Paris), she landed in Luxembourg nowadays. She got a Journalist university diploma in Macedonia and studied European Business Law in France, in IT / IP field. Today, Elena is working as a legal counsel for a private Luxembourgish company specialized in the media audiovisual sector.

Ever since she’s a child, Elena sings, writes and composes songs, in parallel of her main activity. She’s 35, and has several achievements behind her, such as: songs released in Macedonia (among which the most successful “Dlaboka Bolka”), albums released independently in France (among which “Janis”), performing the main character in a fantastic rock comedy called “Le Cadeau”, etc.

Elena’s creativity is still and always at Rendezvous. We are very happy to welcome her to our world and work with her on our songs and compose some new ones.

Be prepared for the “new” Strysles :-)